More Acts of Kindness

Among my first positive impressions of Armory Park was the strong sense of community. What makes a neighborhood a community? It is the sense of connection of its residents to each other. That connection is best illustrated when a neighbor has a need and others step in to help. The following two examples gleaned from emails on our listserv illustrate what I am talking about.

The first is an example of a neighbor stepping in to gather support for another experiencing hard times. In addition to the money and food gathered for our struggling neighbor, there is the sense that others care and that you do not have to suffer alone. This last part may be as important as the more material aid. Continue reading “More Acts of Kindness”

Solid Tips for the Life Planning Novice

Recently I received an email offering an article that might be helpful to our residents, especially the younger ones. Jackie is a blogger who does not live in Arizona but her ideas could be useful in your financial planning. Here is her email:


Recently, my husband’s mom passed away, and as we went through the probate process, I began to feel like my husband and I hadn’t done enough to plan for the future.

Sure, we have a retirement plan and a will. But I worried that we hadn’t done enough to ensure our child on the autism spectrum would have a caregiver into adulthood. I realized I wasn’t clear on whether our home could be passed on to our children if something were to happen to us. And these concerns spun into others. Continue reading “Solid Tips for the Life Planning Novice”

Lots of Action at Board Meeting

The 14 February APNA board meeting was well attended and the agenda was a full one. You can see the agenda, financial report and minutes on the board website at

Since I am now managing the APNA website, the board’s adoption of my proposals was most interesting to me. It’s now clear that the site is the voice of the board and those it chooses to allow. It is targeted at Armory Park residents and stakeholders; others who may access it are incidental. In the interest of simplicity and easier management, rehosting the site was approved. The board and its designees will provide content. For those few who want to see the details of the email I sent board members, click here: meeting-20170214 Continue reading “Lots of Action at Board Meeting”

Kindness in the ‘Hood

Note: One of the special qualities of our neighborhood is the kindness and generosity often displayed by our residents. Concern for the well-being of less fortunate individuals is a frequent theme on our listserv as shown in the following post. I have created a new category for posts on this blog so you can quickly find what people are doing to help others. You may want to join the effort.   -Ken
Hi Neighbors
I work in property management, and a few of our properties are owned by a local non-profit that helps to provide housing for low income, homeless, veteran or mentally ill folks. I am looking for a few items for a few special individuals who literally have nothing except 4 walls, but are in need of a few decent donated furniture items. Finding furnishings isn’t something I typically do for our tenants but I hate to see people sleeping on the floor. I figure I would put the word out and see if any one in our neighborhood is replacing these items and would like to donate.

Continue reading “Kindness in the ‘Hood”

Falling Off the Turnip Truck

I fell off the proverbial turnip truck shortly after I purchased property in Armory Park almost ten years ago.

I arrived in the neighborhood full of hope and vision. I was thrilled to have found such a lovely neighborhood in which I could establish my business. As I looked at the property that used to house Central Alarm, I began to see ways to make it more homey and welcoming–especially with natural light through windows.

Living on 4 acres in west Tucson at the time, I was used to doing whatever I wanted and when I wanted on my property…without having to consult anybody. My independent streak was also rooted in the soil of my home state, Wyoming–true cowboy country with lots of open prairie and very few people. Its history includes being the first state to give women the vote. Continue reading “Falling Off the Turnip Truck”

Armory Park Commentary & News

This HOME page is what this site is about: news and other articles about our wonderful community. The other pages supplement the HOME page. Along the right margin are tools that let you choose from recent posts or comments, search for posts, view past posts by month and list posts by subject category. You can also click on the FOLLOW AROUND ARMORY PARK button to be notified by emails of new posts. On the left you can see  the category of each article or click to leave a comment.

Reader Raises Good Question

Gloria Fenner raised a good question about the four lot development on 5th Avenue and 18th Street. She questioned whether there were other blocks where four residences exist between a major and a minor avenue. I went for a drive-around to get an informal count. I counted five examples of four residences between a major and a minor avenue, 26 examples of three and the rest were two or one. I concluded that three was the most common, two or one next and four least common but not unusual. Incidentally, I agree with Phyllis Factor’s observation that only one location has a major/street corner house facing the street. All others face the major avenue. The APHZAB wanted the major avenue/street lot to face 5th Avenue. The developer might object because the setbacks along 5th seem greater than those along 18th Street. There are two more similar vacant lots in the same area so what is done in this case will likely have an impact on how they are developed. Continue reading “Reader Raises Good Question”

APHZAB Looks at Two Projects

Armory Park continues to attract new construction and renovation projects. The regular 17 January meeting was presented with two projects to review, one a formal review and one informal.

The informal review was for a small development on the lot at 140 E. 18th Street , between 5th and Arizona Avenues on the south side of 18th Street. The project proposes four single family houses on a resubdivision of the original large lot into5th-and-18th-lot-a four lots. As proposed, all four would face 18th Street. This was the board’s second look at the proposal which considering earlier feedback had been modified from two stories each to 1 1/2 stories with the appearance of being a single level. There was discussion of the appropriateness of the house closest to 5th Avenue facing 18th Street. Nearly all AP houses on such corners face the major avenue. The arrangement of doors and windows also attracted comments. An informal review is merely a communication between a project proponent and the board to make the formal review go smoothly and to avoid misunderstandings regarding historic zone requirements. Continue reading “APHZAB Looks at Two Projects”

Local Hotel Gets Published

Bill Duffy spotted an article in Arizona Highways highlighting our very own Downtown Clifton Hotel. If you want to see their piece, go to They also have their own website at It is a small place with classic decor elements and modowntown-cliftondern amenities.

They have plans to add rooms on the vacant lot immediately south of the hotel. The presentation made to the APNA board by co-owner Moniqua Lane made her project sound like a great addition to the community. I plan to do an article on the project when it gets a little further along.

If you have out of town visitors needing lodging, consider our AP hotel, the Downtown Clifton.

Please Leave Comments

The mission of this blog is to have a positive impact on the community by sharing news and commentary by me and others. It has no commercial aspect so the only benefit to me or any other contributor is to know that the community gains from our efforts. While I get occasional positive comments from people I meet around the ‘hood, I usually have no idea how any article is received or whether it was read by many. One way you can improve the blog and reward contributors is to leave comments. While we will always appreciate compliments, your criticisms or disagreements are also welcome. This blog is for the benefit of the community and will serve best with active neighbor participation. Thanks for considering this request.

Ken Taylor