Neighbors History Comments

I found these notes buried in the “Old Articles” section of the APNA website ( in a November 2014 article. They deserve to be republished for those of us trying to learn more about our community. Thanks to our neighbors for their contributions. 

Railroad executives built homes, many of which are on each side of Railroad Street, and were built in the style of the East (Queen Anne, brick) to remind them of home, I suppose. They typically have two front doors, one for the family and the other for an office or for other executives who visited. My house has a dirt basement opening from the outside with ledges built in for the railroad workers to sleep where they would be cooler, if not very comfortable. –Nancy Myers Continue reading “Neighbors History Comments”

Annie: Saving Armory Park

I have mentioned the contributions Annie Laos made to historic preservation in our community. Doing some internet research, I came across more information about her role in that effort. These are her words recorded in the Zocalo Magazine (May 9, 2014):

“We’ve lived in Armory Park since 1960 and still live in the same house. It tore me up when I saw them tearing down the barrio to build the convention center. They wanted to do more (destruction), but we stopped them. Mayor Corbett wanted to build the Butterfield Freeway from the airport to the convention center. This would have torn down a large part of Armory Park and Safford and Carrillo schools. One freeway plan also called for elevating the wishing shrine, El Tiradito, up in the air on freeway pylons. Continue reading “Annie: Saving Armory Park”

Simplicit Restaurant Reviews

The Simplicit restaurant is a recent addition to the Armory Park dining scene. Located at the Temple of Music and Art, 330 S Scott Avenue, it is tucked away on the left side of the Simplicitentry court. Simplicit is an excellent choice for a great meal before an AZ Theater Company performance but don’t wait for a play to give it a try. While play nights definitely require a reservation, other nights are rarely a problem for drop-in dining. Dinner hours are 5:30 until 9:00 most nights with closing a half hour later on Friday and Saturday. During the weekend, brunch is served from 11:30 until 2:00. The restaurant is closed on Monday. Continue reading “Simplicit Restaurant Reviews”

Galloway House, 630 South 3rd Avenue

This is the third in the series of articles extracted from the armory park:74 ff study which formed the basis for creation of the Armory Park Historic Preservation Zone.

When viewing the Galloway House from the exterior, it has characteristics of a modified bungalow, due primarily to its painted brick surfaces, upon closer examination, this

630 S 3RD a
Ken Taylor Photo, 2017

house, dating from about 1900, has very definite Queen Anne characteristics. The irregularity of the rooms is brought into accord on the exterior and covered with a single hip roof. The living room bay window as well as that of the dining room, and the box window of the main bedroom, all project from the brick wall surface. The entrance hall, living room, and dining room all interlock and repeat diagonal walls with corner fire­places. An overall diagonal patterning is evident within these principal rooms. A fifteen foot module is employed as a common Continue reading “Galloway House, 630 South 3rd Avenue”

More Recollections of Annie

Here are a couple of additional pieces about our recently departed neighbor, Annie Laos. They may be informative for people who haven’t seen them already and I will be keeping them permanently on this site in the People & Places category. 

Anna Baffert Laos, a longtime businesswoman and community activist who supported the preservation of historical sites, died April 11 surrounded by family in her downtown Annie Laos Photo 2home. She was 87.

Laos died peacefully in the home she and her late husband, Roy Elias Laos Jr., moved into decades ago. She worked tirelessly renovating the vintage 1897 home — doing the labor herself and also overseeing contractors on major restoration projects, said her son, Roy B. Laos, a former Tucson city councilman.

He said among the values his mother taught him and his four brothers was that education was necessary. She stressed for them to study and learn. “It became important to my mom because her educational dreams were ripped away from her,” said the younger Laos, recalling that Anna enrolled at the University of Arizona to study geology after graduating from Tucson High School in 1947.

Continue reading “More Recollections of Annie”

April APHZAB Meeting Productive

The April 18th meeting of our Historic Zone Advisory Board was a busy one with five formal reviews on the agenda.

Two were regarding violations of the HPZ regulations because they were done without historic review and approval. Since the work on both was done in conformance with guidelines and were later inspected, the board recommended closure of the violations. There was also a discussion regarding when historic review is required. As an example, replacement of a broken window glass does not require review but replacement of an entire window does. Continue reading “April APHZAB Meeting Productive”

Annie Laos Obituary

Annie Laos Photo

LAOS, Anna Baffert

Passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by family on April 11, 2017, at the age of 87 years. Anna is survived by her five children; Roy B. Laos, III, Jeffery B. Laos, Sr., Enrico B. Laos, Marco B. Laos (Plano, TX) and Rene B. Laos. In addition, she is survived by 14 grand children and three great-grandchildren. Anna “Annie” was born on December 26, 1929, in Tucson, Arizona. She graduated from Tucson High School and completed two years of study at the University of Arizona. She married Roy E. Laos, Jr., her sweetheart/a local Pharmacist and businessman in 1952. After marriage, Anna worked alongside her husband in their family Pharmacy/Retail business known as “Roy’s Arizona Pharmacy” located at South Six Avenue and 17th Street (now know as Roy’s Corner). Her children remember her as a caring and driven mother who encouraged them to pursue their goals. Anna was accomplished in local politics and civic activities. Anna was a witty and dedicated individual who loved the City of Tucson and who was passionate about proper and productive changes for the better of its citizens. A Funeral is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on April 22, 2017 at St. Augustine Cathedral Church located on Stone Avenue in Downtown Tucson; a reception to follow (Fraternal Order of the Eagles Hall 1530 N. Stone Avenue beginning at 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) for a celebration of Anna’s life. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Casa De La Luz Foundation at 7740 N. Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85704. The family would like to thank the staff and caregivers from Casa De La Luz for their support, care and dedication. Family thanks Carrillo Mortuary for their excellent service. Arrangements by CARRILLO’S TUCSON MORTUARY, INC.

A guestbook is online at if you wish to express condolences.

Culin-Roskruge House, 318 E 13th Street

This is the second in a series of articles about noteworthy historic homes in Armory park. The historic information about each home is extracted from the armory park:74 ff 318 E 18TH Todaystudy done by the College of Architecture in 1974. My copy of this study was a gift from Annie Laos who passed away earlier this week. Those who value the historic character of Armory Park owe a debt of gratitude to Annie. Her drive, energy and passion for our history saved the original buildings of the Safford School from destruction. That set the stage for historic preservation here and she continued to be a driving force in that effort for many years. One can’t drive important change without causing some controversy which she certainly did. Annie was a great neighbor and we will miss her greatly. Continue reading “Culin-Roskruge House, 318 E 13th Street”

No Politics Here

Some time back I posted a poll asking whether politics should be discussed in this blog. The number of responses was quite small but the comments offered were thoughtful. I asked five questions and I will synopsize the responses.

Should discussion of politics have a place in this blog? Almost all responders said no to this though several said a political discussion in a separate site would be good. One said yes but in a separate section of this blog. Comments indicated concern that political discussions could disrupt the sense of community in Armory Park. Continue reading “No Politics Here”

Spring Cleaning Mostly Done

Spring brings warmer weather and the plants love it. Flowers, shrubs and trees are leafing out and many are blooming. the results are fun to see and enhance the attractiveness of Armory Park. There is a downside though; stop signs get obscured and the sidewalks are sometimes obstructed. Property owners/residents are supposed to maintain the areas between the property line and the curb but that doesn’t always happen. There are a variety of reasons however the work must be done to keep the streets safe and the sidewalks conveniently walkable. Continue reading “Spring Cleaning Mostly Done”