New Contributor

Our neighbor, Karen Olson, has decided to become a contributor to this blog. She will post on items of interest to her which will contribute to our community. Her optimistic view of Armory Park is similar to mine but her perspective and writing style are quite different. She will add a different flavor to the blog. You may recognize her name associated with the Caritas Healing Center at the corner of 16th Street and Railroad Avenue. She has had varied life experiences and moved from a suburban ranch zone in west Tucson to our urban venue. If you want to know more about her, go to her short biography on the About page. Continue reading “New Contributor”

APHZAB Has a Difficult & Important Job

Armory Park has many distinctive qualities but the most important is its historic character and legal status. As the most prominent Anglo-Territorial  and “railroaders” community in Tucson at the turn of the 20th century, it has historic value recognized by the federal, state and city governments. The City of Tucson has enshrined in the city code many provisions supporting preservation of our historic character. Locally, the APHZAB (see the glossary) has responsibility for applying provisions of the code in its review of proposed structural changes in our community. If we didn’t have a few Armory Park people willing to take on this challenging responsibility, the historic character of the community could be lost. Continue reading “APHZAB Has a Difficult & Important Job”

Glad to be Home

Donna and I just returned from a great car trip to San Francisco with another couple. We have visited there a couple of times but it has been over 30 years since our last visit. We wanted to see a few things new to us and to refresh our recollection of the historic and cultural sites there. As you might expect, great food was a central theme of our adventure.

There are too many wonderful experiences in SF for me to mention them all but I want to touch on a few. Without doubt our best dining experience was at the Marrakesh restaurant. We had the five course dinner which featured lamb and chicken dishes that were all excellent. The meal was not cheap but was reasonable in line with typical SF prices. This city is not cheap. Continue reading “Glad to be Home”

We Love Armory Park

Last night Donna and I joined a large number of our AP neighbors at another wonderful annual Armory Park holiday party. As usual APNA furnished the beverages plus the main menu items of turkey and ham. The neighbors brought snacks, side dishes and desserts. We sat at a table on the side porch and enjoyed stimulating conversation while savoring the meal. The conversation covered many subject but finally got around to discussing what we could do to improve and maintain the appearance of our public areas, streets and sidewalks. Continue reading “We Love Armory Park”

Unexpected Controversy?

My announced intention to cover neighborhood meetings (APNA & APHZAB) may have stirred up a controversy — or maybe not. I feel strongly that a community is strengthened by more communications, not less. So I was somewhat surprised by Jack’s post on the listserv which may represent a controversy — or it could be a  misunderstanding. I feel that Jack and I are both trying to preserve the character of our neighborhood and to improve it whenever we can. This is his post. Continue reading “Unexpected Controversy?”

Why do we care about WU HPZ rezoning?

I have recently attended two meetings where rezoning and removal of a property from the West University Historic Preservation Zone were discussed. You want to know why you should care about that; I will explain shortly.

The property in question is the Trinity Presbyterian Church on the corner of 4th Avenue and University Blvd. The first meeting was an informal presentation to neighborhood residents about the property. The second, earlier this week, was a formal city hearing about the rezoning and HPZ withdrawal. This was the more important one. Continue reading “Why do we care about WU HPZ rezoning?”

Thefts Around the ‘Hood

We have seen many posts on the listserv about items being stolen from AP residences. Last night was my turn. An LED Christmas light projector was stolen from our front yard. A hula hoe landscape tool was used to pull the projector close enough to the fence to pick it up. The tool (evidence?) was left behind.

The subject of these property crimes has two parts for me. First, though it is irritating it is also a part of living in a city center. Most people in our area are responsible and contributing members of society. Some are economically and ethically challenged. Like ants at the picnic, we must deal with them if we want to enjoy the many benefits of our neighborhood. Continue reading “Thefts Around the ‘Hood”

APHZAB & APNA Elections & Meeting

Last night elections were held for the boards of the two organizations important to the welfare of our neighborhood. The Historic Advisory Board had only one vacancy caused by term expiration for Jack McLain, that board’s president. He was willing to run again and no others were nominated so Jack was reelected by acclamation.

Elections were also held for the Neighborhood Association Board and officers. Complete results will be published soon but these are the choices I noted: Anne Cooper who had been filling a board vacancy by appointment will now serve as Vice-President and is in line for the presidency in 2018. John Burr agreed to serve another year as president to facilitate a smooth transition to Anne and the members validated that move. Mark Crum and Nadine Rund agreed to continue their long service and were reelected to the board. There will be one drop of new blood on the board as Dee Dee Means was elected to her first term on the board. My poor notes failed to capture the election of our secretary and treasurer. Continue reading “APHZAB & APNA Elections & Meeting”

A Fun Day Around the Neighborhood

Donna and I just settled in after a great day enjoying activities near our neighborhood. First we walked to the craft market at the Tucson Museum of Art. We began with a great lunch at Cafe a la C’art at the museum. We both ordered the Cuban Sandwich which was quite tasty. She had the crispy fries as a side and I had the side salad with a flavorful vinaigrette dressing. We arrived by 11:30 but the place was rapidly filling up. The ordering line passes a display case with wonderful looking pies and other treats to test your willpower. The cafe also had a table of pastries and other take-away fare in the museum lobby. If you go tomorrow or Sunday, you needn’t go hungry.

We decided to finish our day’s dining at Johnny Gibson’s market. Each Friday they offer a Fish and Chips special and that is what we both ordered. It comes with fries and coleslaw. We both enjoyed our meals and will do it again from time to time. The deli case has many other ready to eat or ready to heat items ranging from meatballs to lasagna or tamales. Whatever your choice, you can enjoy it with one of a large variety of craft beers. If an entree salad is more to your liking, you can build one from the most comprehensive salad bar I have seen in Tucson. If you haven’t yet tried Johnny’s for dining or grocery shopping, you should soon.

After walking nearly five miles, perusing a huge variety of crafts and enjoying two fine meals, we are both glad to put our feet up. We’re tired but is is a good kind of tired. We can now rest while reflecting on the wonderful place where we live.


5 Points Market & Restaurant

This interesting dining spot is located at the intersection of Stone and 6th Avenue. You will first notice the entrance patio which is a great spot when not too hot or cold. Spring or Fall mild weather makes this a good choice. Even in  the warmer months, early dining is a pleasure here. We choose it often because our small dog, Lulu, is welcome here. There are many more tables inside for those times when outdoors dining doesn’t appeal. The interior gets a little noisy because of the hard surfaces and animated conversations of other diners. Hours are 7:00 ’til 3:00 daily with lunch starting at 11:00. Breakfast is served at all times. Prices are moderate in line with other downtown establishments.

Dog friendly patio dining. Umbrellas shield from the sun

The Menus are interesting and the items we have sampled have been tasty. For lunch, Donna had the Pork Torta and enjoyed it very much. My Ham & Camembert sandwich 5 points lunch menuwas excellent though the combination of cheese and ham made it a little salty for this low salt diner. Both sandwiches were on very nice toasted breads.

We have tried more items from the breakfast menu. The giant pancake is very large but they do have a smaller size for the smaller appetite. The Smoked Salmon Benedict is an interesting variation on the classic favorite. They also sell the canned salmon on the deli shelves. My favorite is the Bandito Blanco with a delicious combination of poached eggs, potato and ham under a wonderful mornay sauce. The Eggleston Sandwich is also an excellent choice but if you want to eat it in normal 5 points brunch menusandwich fashion, ask to have the eggs cooked firm. I ate my soft yolked version with knife and fork. If you want one of the delicious scones baked daily, arrive early; they run out quickly. Each day is a different flavor.


The blackboard has regular and daily specials. I wanted to try the Gumbo but it was all gone before I ordered.

Deli: small but interesting items.

The deli doesn’t have a huge selection but what they do have is top quality. the smoked salmon is wild Alaskan sockeye canned by an Alaskan couple who now winter in Tucson.