APdS – Armory Park del Sol is the term commonly used to describe the development of recently constructed homes (and the HOA) in the northeast of the APNA area. Residents may elect to become members of APNA.

APHZAB – Armory Park Historic Zone Advisory Board is an official city entity which advises city building officials on matters related to our historic zone. Most changes to the exterior of any Armory Park structure must be reviewed by this board. There is a similar city-wide board which will then make its review.

APNA – Armory Park Neighborhood Association is composed of members who pay a small membership fee, the body authorized by the city to represent and serve the interests of the AP community. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected by association members at an annual meeting.

HOA – Homeowners Association is the organization created to manage the common interests of its subdivision.

HPAD – Planned Area Development, Historic; AKA PAD(H): a zoning classification which provides for the establishment of zoning districts with distinct regulations as adopted by the Mayor and Council including historic preservation provisions.

HPZ – Historic Preservation Zone.

listserv – This is the Yahoo internet site and communications tool used by AP residents to discuss matters of community interest. The website is at

WUHAB – West University Historic Advisory Board.

WUNA – West University Neighborhood Association. This is the neighborhood north of the city center and west of the university.