This Blog Neglected

I tend to do things in bursts. Sometimes I write a series of posts in one setting, scheduling them to be published over a number of days. This time my bursts have all related to home projects. Donna and I have spent the last two weeks insulating our attic. We are blessed IMG_2359with a very large attic space but alas, there is absolutely no insulation under the roof of our house’s original structure. We wanted insulation overhead but did not want to give up the excellent storage space (can you ever have enough storage?). Though the cellulose insulation will be blown in by a contractor, we had to build the structure to hold the insulation and wrap over the storage space. Well, we are nearly done with our part and the contractor will do his part next week. We had hope to do the job before hot weather but as you know we have had an unusually hot early Spring. Continue reading “This Blog Neglected”

Armory Park Commentary & News

This HOME page is what this site is about: news and other articles about our wonderful community. The other pages supplement the HOME page. Along the right margin are tools that let you choose from recent posts or comments, search for posts, view past posts by month and list posts by subject category. You can also click on the FOLLOW AROUND ARMORY PARK button to be notified by emails of new posts. On the left you can see  the category of each article or click to leave a comment.

Please Leave Comments

The mission of this blog is to have a positive impact on the community by sharing news and commentary by me and others. It has no commercial aspect so the only benefit to me or any other contributor is to know that the community gains from our efforts. While I get occasional positive comments from people I meet around the ‘hood, I usually have no idea how any article is received or whether it was read by many. One way you can improve the blog and reward contributors is to leave comments. While we will always appreciate compliments, your criticisms or disagreements are also welcome. This blog is for the benefit of the community and will serve best with active neighbor participation. Thanks for considering this request.

Ken Taylor

New Contributor

Our neighbor, Karen Olson, has decided to become a contributor to this blog. She will post on items of interest to her which will contribute to our community. Her optimistic view of Armory Park is similar to mine but her perspective and writing style are quite different. She will add a different flavor to the blog. You may recognize her name associated with the Caritas Healing Center at the corner of 16th Street and Railroad Avenue. She has had varied life experiences and moved from a suburban ranch zone in west Tucson to our urban venue. If you want to know more about her, go to her short biography on the About page. Continue reading “New Contributor”

Contributors & Reporters Needed

The secret to a successful blog or any website is current and relevant content. I will write as many articles and news stories as I can but to keep fresh content flowing, I need help. Reporting on important neighborhood meetings such as our two boards will keep residents informed. Your comments and reactions to stories will keep the boards informed. Both boards are elected by residents who need to be able to make informed choices.

Articles of neighborhood interest will serve to bring our residents together. I envision articles on new restoration projects or progress reports on the ongoing ones. Highlighting particularly attractive properties may encourage further improvements. Stories of grass roots neighborhood enhancements may stimulate further efforts. Highlighting walkability problem areas might lead to sidewalk repairs or vegetation trimming. You get the idea.

Effective communications is often the greatest challenge to successful group efforts. A thriving neighborhood requires group participation and that is what you can help to achieve.