More Acts of Kindness

Among my first positive impressions of Armory Park was the strong sense of community. What makes a neighborhood a community? It is the sense of connection of its residents to each other. That connection is best illustrated when a neighbor has a need and others step in to help. The following two examples gleaned from emails on our listserv illustrate what I am talking about.

The first is an example of a neighbor stepping in to gather support for another experiencing hard times. In addition to the money and food gathered for our struggling neighbor, there is the sense that others care and that you do not have to suffer alone. This last part may be as important as the more material aid. Continue reading “More Acts of Kindness”

Kindness in the ‘Hood

Note: One of the special qualities of our neighborhood is the kindness and generosity often displayed by our residents. Concern for the well-being of less fortunate individuals is a frequent theme on our listserv as shown in the following post. I have created a new category for posts on this blog so you can quickly find what people are doing to help others. You may want to join the effort.   -Ken
Hi Neighbors
I work in property management, and a few of our properties are owned by a local non-profit that helps to provide housing for low income, homeless, veteran or mentally ill folks. I am looking for a few items for a few special individuals who literally have nothing except 4 walls, but are in need of a few decent donated furniture items. Finding furnishings isn’t something I typically do for our tenants but I hate to see people sleeping on the floor. I figure I would put the word out and see if any one in our neighborhood is replacing these items and would like to donate.

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