Solid Tips for the Life Planning Novice

Recently I received an email offering an article that might be helpful to our residents, especially the younger ones. Jackie is a blogger who does not live in Arizona but her ideas could be useful in your financial planning. Here is her email:


Recently, my husband’s mom passed away, and as we went through the probate process, I began to feel like my husband and I hadn’t done enough to plan for the future.

Sure, we have a retirement plan and a will. But I worried that we hadn’t done enough to ensure our child on the autism spectrum would have a caregiver into adulthood. I realized I wasn’t clear on whether our home could be passed on to our children if something were to happen to us. And these concerns spun into others. Continue reading “Solid Tips for the Life Planning Novice”

Glad to be Home

Donna and I just returned from a great car trip to San Francisco with another couple. We have visited there a couple of times but it has been over 30 years since our last visit. We wanted to see a few things new to us and to refresh our recollection of the historic and cultural sites there. As you might expect, great food was a central theme of our adventure.

There are too many wonderful experiences in SF for me to mention them all but I want to touch on a few. Without doubt our best dining experience was at the Marrakesh restaurant. We had the five course dinner which featured lamb and chicken dishes that were all excellent. The meal was not cheap but was reasonable in line with typical SF prices. This city is not cheap. Continue reading “Glad to be Home”