About this site

Around Armory Park is a site for sharing information about our remarkable neighborhood. I am Ken Taylor, the editor and webmaster. This site is still in the development stage and if successful will have articles about our community, its residents, its wonderful historic structures and other items of interest. This site is intended to complement the Armory Park Neighborhood Association website and listserv, not compete with them. Please note the word UNOFFICIAL in the blog tagline. Input by neighbors will be essential for the site’s success. Articles, comments and suggestions are welcome. Just send them to me by email at blog@kmtaylor.com or the form on the contact page. If you need help wordsmithing your ideas, I am happy to help but you will get credit for the content. As editor, I will insure that in my judgement all articles are suitable for our community and have a civil tone.

About Ken Taylor

I am a relatively recent Armory Park resident (2/16) along with my wife, Donna and our little dog Lulu. Before moving to Arizona, we were Anchorage, Alaska residents for over 30 years. We have been Arizona residents for 16 years before that including 12 in Green Valley and four in west Tucson. We love the neighborhood for its history, walkability and interesting residents. Lulu insists on walking every day so you may see us following her around and picking up trash to keep our neighborhood presentable.

For those fans of ancient history, my military biography can be found here: http://www.nationalguard.mil/Leadership/NGB-GOMO/bio-show/id/1350/

For most years since moving to Arizona, I have been active in the sustainable water effort. I was a board director of Community Water Company of Green Valley for a number of years and chaired the board for three years. I still volunteer as a pro-bono consultant for the board. My most recent efforts have been to bring CAP water to the area south of Tucson where groundwater pumping has caused a years-long decline in the aquifer. The Project Renews CAP extension pipeline is an important step in that effort.

You can contact me at blog@kmtaylor.com.

About Karen Olson

I came to Armory Park after living on 4 acres in a west Tucson suburban ranch zone.

After working for 12+ years for Carondelet, primarily performing psychological evaluations in the emergency room, I was eager to cut the cord from this institution, which was my main first job in my field after graduating from Lewis and Clark College with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. In the transition to total separation, I had been subletting office space from a psychiatrist in east Tucson. His planned departure to buy a new space near St. Joseph’s hospital was all the trigger (catalyst?) I needed to start looking for my own place.

Growing up in Wyoming, I learned from my father from a very early age that it was almost always better to buy than rent. So, my realtor and I started looking for a place. In marked contrast to my year-long search for a house, the options for commercial properties were limited, and I made up my mind–prone to long, circuitous wanderings with sudden switches–quickly. There was something about the beauty and warm, neighborly feel of the Armory Park neighborhood that sent a clear signal to me, “This is the place.”

The property I purchased on 330 E. 16th St. (the former Central Alarm building) needed extensive renovating to become the Carita Healing Center. I lived a number of years on 4th Avenue near 17th Street and now on Railroad Avenue nearby. 

As a recreational writer and aspiring professional, this blog provides an interesting opportunity. I can combine two loves, writing and Armory Park.

You can contact me at Karen@AroundArmoryPark.net.