Who Should Speak for Arizona?

Donna and I are news junkies so I thought there was little chance for surprise in Arizona politics. I was wrong.

It is no surprise that the three Republican candidates to replace Jeff Flake are competing with each other for the title of most supportive of Donald Trump. Former Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio is well known for his extremist views and gratitude for being pardoned for his criminal conviction. Kelli Ward is also well known for her far right positions but I previously did not know how she was associated with racists and conspiracy theorists.

Kevin Robillard’s article in the Huffington Post filled this gap in my knowledge. You can read the complete article by following this link:

Kevin’s article gives a few examples but here is one that caught my attention: “But it’s her final stop of the day that has drawn condemnation and questions: She’s set to appear at the Pioneer Museum in Phoenix with the “alt-right” provocateur Mike Cernovich, who is best known for promoting the entirely false Pizzagate conspiracy theory.” You may recall that his bogus statements contributed to the violence at a pizza restaurant, making claims with no foundation. The article outlines Ms. Ward’s relationship with four other outspoken alt-right individuals who have often aired racist views.

All three of the republican candidates are too far right for me but I have to speak out about those who are spreading racist hate speech. Read the article and decide for yourself whether you want someone associated with extremist and racist figures speaking for Arizonans in Washington.

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