New Listserv

Last night’s APNA board meeting resulted in a decision which will be of interest to many in Armory Park. Deborah Oslik reported on the work of a study group she headed looking into alternatives to Yahoo for our neighborhood listserv. They experimented with alternatives and she learned the experiences of some others who had left Yahoo. Her conclusion was that while no solution will be perfect for everyone, Google Groups is the best available option. All who made the change considered the Google option superior. It works similarly to Yahoo Groups but is more reliable and is getting technical attention from Google staff. Yahoo Groups now seems to be an orphan and may not continue for long. The board passed a motion to begin the transition immediately to be concluded by 15 September.

Soon you will receive an email from Google with instructions for joining our Google group. Those with a Gmail account will have access to additional services but a Gmail account is not essential. I do recommend it, especially if you want to get listserv postings in a daily digest rather than as individual emails. Phyllis and Tod will continue as moderators and Deborah will assist in the transition.  You will get a reminder email each week until September 15th. After that date, the old listserv will be closed.

I’m sure that the new listserv will not be entirely problem free. There is such a complex combination of email clients, browsers, operating systems and more that it is a miracle that any of this works. Still, I am confident that this change was the best solution available.

Social note: An ice cream social is tentatively planned for 30 September at the St Andrew’s parish hall. Watch the listserv and websites for details.

Personal Note: Among the reasons I am changing the emphasis of this website to history and commentary is that my hearing has declined to the point where it is not possible for me to take the detailed notes of the meetings’ proceedings needed to craft accurate and complete reports. Last night demonstrated that once again.

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