Focus Changed

I have been giving serious thought to what direction I should take with this site. Community circumstances and my focus have changed somewhat. In the former category, Bill Duffy has taken over the APNA website so you can find most neighborhood news there. Reporting those items here would be redundant though I will still write commentaries on community events when my views might add something to the discussion.

Also, the process of historic preservation has become a larger part of my community activities. The new leadership of  our historic board (APHZAB) has been working hard to improve the visibility and administration of the historic review process. Chair Martha McClements and Secretary Michael Means have made significant improvements in both of these areas. Digital presentation of project packages has made meetings go more smoothly and has given board members better information on which to base their often difficult decisions. I have been providing information technology support to the board.

The key decisions on board recommendations for projects can be found on the city website at The Legal Action Reports (LARs) are the official records of the board’s decisions and are available in the week of the meeting. For me to report on these decisions would be redundant and might introduce an error from my interpretation. When the decisions or other APHZAB happenings merit further community discussion, I may make my views known in a commentary. To be clear, I am not a member of the board so my views are those of an Armory Park resident and property owner. Though I attend board meetings, I don’t offer comments during a review. My role is merely to support the board and its officers in their important work.

I also manage a website ( dedicated to historic preservation in Tucson’s five Historic Preservation Zones. I hope it will evolve over time to support all HPZs but right now only Armory Park is specifically covered. You can find information there to help you though the historic review process. If you have a project in mind, go the the My Project page on that site.

I do hope to find more material for articles on the history of Armory Park and the surrounding areas. Early Latino residents and later railroad people laid down the foundation of the neighborhood us latecomers now enjoy. If any of you have historic material or research leads, please share them with me. A better understanding of our history will make this a stronger community. Also, I will appreciate any suggestions for interesting subjects.

Thanks for your patience as my focus and this blog evolve.

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