Interesting Armory Park Statistics

Betts Putnam-Hidalgo left a comment regarding a recent article asking if the percentage of renters in Armory Park was really greater than of owner occupants. The answer is yes as I interpret this chart from The statistics in this article are interesting to me but you can find even more on that site.

Owners and renters by unit type (%)

If you add all of the purple columns, the result is less than 30% owner occupancy. The census bureau reports that owners occupy 37% of residences in the area of zip code 85701 which is significantly larger than Armory Park.

The following information about Armory Park households won’t surprise most of you but may help to better understand our neighborhood.

Percentage of population below poverty crime indexHousehold Statistics

For me, the diversity of our community is among its attractive features. The two largest groups were no surprise but the mix of smaller groups is interesting


We know that there are many historic homes in the community but you can see that a number have been constructed in more recent times.

Year house built

A convenient location is another attractive feature of Armory Park. Nevertheless, most people still get to work in a car. The bus and bicycle percentages are significant and I would expect these numbers to increase over time.

Mode of Transportation to Work

I hope you find these statistics informative. If you discover other sources of information on Armory Park, please let me know at so I can include the information in future articles.

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