Useful Information at APNA Meeting

This was an especially uneventful meeting of our neighborhood association board. Board members attending were one less than the quorum (6) so no action could be taken. There was, however, discussion of items of community interest.

President Anne Cooper talked about board efforts to reach out to the community. Avenues she mentioned included the APNA website (, the listserv (, Facebook ( and I did a one month trial of NextDoor and found no neighborhood content but typically two commercial messages daily. Of course, AroundArmoryPark provides AP commentary and news.

John Burr reported on the accomplishments of the Rio Nuevo downtown redevelopment and revitalization district. Highlights were that with $30 million spent, nearly 3/4 billion dollars of projects have been moved forward. Nearly two billion dollars has been invested in the downtown area in the last seven years. Rio Nuevo started badly but has made major contributions under its current leadership. You can learn much more by going to their website ( He also informed us that the Broadway Blvd. expansion has reached the 90% design point. If you want to learn more about the project, go to its website The site has a very useful video simulation of the 90% design.

John also gave an update on the sidewalk project. Parkwise, the parking management and enforcement organization has offered a community improvement matching grant. It will be used to partially fund repair and replacement of deteriorated sidewalks. APNA has prepaid its matching money and is still accepting contributions. The approximate cost of each sidewalk square is $100. If you wish to pay for sidewalk repairs in front of your property, your contribution will be earmarked for that purpose. You will not need to do a permit application or contract for the construction as the city will do all of that. Of course, contributions for the general benefit of our sidewalks will be appreciated. Timing of the project is controlled by the city’s transportation department and is not clear at this time.

Esthermarie Hillman announced a charitable fundraiser to be held at her home on the 10th of May (tomorrow) at 6:00 until 10:30.

Wings for Women will host Women Who Whiskey at 6 p.m., Thursday, May 10 at the  at 544 S. 6th Ave. Sip on whiskey and snack on gourmet appetizers to help support local homeless women and children this summer. Women Who Whiskey will be the main fundraiser for this year’s No Hungry Kids Tucson Project. All of the money benefits homeless women and children in Tucson and will specifically fund feeding approximately 300 kids over the summer.

Angel's Envy Whiskey at Union Public House (Credit: Jackie Tran)

The 21-and-up event will serve up samples of different whiskeys and spirits, with other alcoholic beverages available for purchase. Additionally, gourmet appetizers will be provided by Chef Chic, Charro Steak, Micha’s, and Mama Louisa’s. Live entertainment and a raffle will also be available. General admission is $45, VIP is $75 and includes a t-shirt, commemorative tasting glass, cigar, rare samplings, and access to the cigar lounge. A shirt and tie for gentlemen and cocktail dresses for ladies will be the standard attire. 

At the meeting’s end, a resident of many years in Armory Park expressed his frustration with deterioration of the neighborhood from commercial intrusion which seriously impacts parking, homeless people, drug users and deteriorating streets. Phyllis Factor pointed out that pushing back against some of these elements must be the obligation of each homeowner. A large percentage of AP residents are renters and bad ones can be influenced by firm pressure on landlords.

2 thoughts on “Useful Information at APNA Meeting”

    1. Yes and thanks for asking the question. I’v now done some internet research and plan an article on interesting statistics for armory park. In summary, all of the 85701 zip area has 37% owner occupied residences. One site,, has a graph of owners vs. renters in attached and detached homes within Armory Park. As near as I can read the graph, Armory Park has about 25% owner occupied residences. Both of these percentages are within the range I expected. Immediately around our house, all but three residences are rentals.


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