Busy Days

It has been too long since I posted an article here but I hope to change that for the future. Some may know that I also manage the website for the neighborhood association (APNA) and I am also helping the historic board (APHZAB) to apply technology for an improved historic review process. All of these things are exciting but also demand time and attention.

Consequently, I needed to prioritize my efforts and restructure how each project will function. This site (AroundArmoryPark.net) will focus on community commentary, history and happenings in the wider world which impact us in Armory Park. While I have generally stayed away from political subjects, it is not possible for me to ignore things which are important to a viable neighborhood and city. Some examples might be education, neighborhood preservation, historic preservation and defense of local control over local matters.

The APNA site (ArmoryParkTucson.org) will publish items important to the board, highlights of board or general meetings and announcements of community events. Under the leadership of association president Anne Cooper, the board is making strong efforts to improve communications with AP residents and I am pleased to help with that effort. We are making progress.

The most demanding project has been for the APHZAB. The new board chair, Martha McClements, and secretary, Michael Means, have been leading efforts to improve board processes and record keeping. Better communications with the neighborhood is now also a priority. For board use, there is now a data repository with information useful during historic reviews. There is public internet access to some of this information here. Historic review standards and HPZ maps are some of the contents.

The most helpful innovation for those considering construction or exterior structural changes can be found at HistoricTucson.org. My goal with this website is to provide all information you will need to complete a historic review. Completing my two historic reviews, information was hard to come by and confusing. Hopefully, this site will make the challenge less daunting. While this site will be a service I provide for use by all of the five Tucson HPZs, current content is about Armory Park. It is a work in progress and I really need your feedback about problems with it or proposed improvements. If successful, it will be a great help to Martha, Michael and the board.

My work-life has been about public service for a worthwhile purpose, national defense. I don’t seem to be able to change that pattern in retirement. In Armory Park I’ve found a great community with historic character worth defending. That is the central theme of my efforts today. At my stage of life, I don’t have forever to accomplish what needs to be done. If that makes me pushy, I ask for your understanding.

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