Historic Preservation Activities

It has been some time since I have posted an article because I have been busy with some exciting things related to historic preservation in Armory Park. I’ve made it clear on these pages that preserving our neighborhood’s historic character has a high priority for me.

APHZAB News – Probably the most important effort is that the historic board (APHZAB) has started the new year with a major effort to improve the historic review process. A key part of that effort is to make information more accessible to those who would like to do construction or alteration in Armory Park. The first step in better communications is the new APHZAB  information website (http://aphzab.org). The site is in the early stages but it already has some information you might find useful.

A companion to the website is a cloud drive:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q1IMHpo9dcmCNgC5YdQzjv2nUupLBZu8?usp=sharing, which has more information which the board will use in its deliberations and you can use to prepare for a historic review. There are also links on the website to the cloud drive. If you go to the drive, please read the WELCOME note there to get started.

Earlier this month the board and PDSD staff participated in a training session. Not only did board members learn more about historic preservation and the city’s rules, discussions also brought the city staff and board members closer together for a smoother review process.

I am not a member of APHZAB but I have volunteered to provide information technology help. Please give me your feedback by email to aphzab@gmail.com. I need to learn what is helpful and what is not. Something that would be helpful to you may have been left out. Perhaps some information could have been more clearly written. Please let me know.

Historic Streetscape Project – Steve Grede, an APHZAB member and historic architecture professional, has initiated a project to document the public areas surrounding our historic structures. By recording the historic amenities (curbs, sidewalks, etc.) and others which are not(e.g. utilities) we will be able to defend preservation of the historic elements which are not buildings.

You may have seen some of us helping Steve by taking pictures and doing measurements around the neighborhood. A lot of detail has been recorded and it has been time consuming for the volunteers.

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