Two Neighborhood Elections

At the last APNA meeting (11/14), two important neighborhood organizations held elections to fill positions on their boards of directors. Outside of the scheduled APNA meeting, the historic board (APHZAB) elected three individuals by acclamation. Here are their names (and their category of membership): Michael Means (property owner), Steve Grede and Patrick O’brien (both are subject matter experts). They will join the board on the approval of Mayor and Council, expected within a month. The board will elect its officers at the next meeting.

I have worked with Michael on the Historic Review Improvement Initiative and find him to be a thoughtful, logical and hard working individual. He has excellent communications skills. He has had experience with historic preservation while living in New England in a 250 year old house.

Steve is a AP property owner and resident who has worked in historic preservation for many years. He will return to the board after an absence of years. He is now conducting an inventory of Armory Park streetscapes. You can learn more about Steve at

Pat has an extensive background in federal and university historic work. You can learn more about him at

The APNA election followed. A number individuals volunteered to serve on the board. A third of the board is elected each year so there were four seats up for the election. Our new board members (three year term) are: John Burr, Sue Ellen Schuerman, Paula Wilk and Fernando Chiquette.

The board also elects alternate members who attend meetings to participate in discussions but do not vote. Unscheduled vacancies in the board are filled by the board from the alternates to serve until a regular election. The alternates elected are: Bill Duffy, Carla Proano, Jenny Maloney, Giovanna Hesley and Tim Vanderpool.

The following were unanimously elected as officers:
President: Anne Cooper
Vice President: John Burr
Secretary: David Bachman-Williams
Treasurer: Tod Santee

Those elected to both boards represent a good mix of experienced people and fresh faces. We can look forward to a good year with solid teams of community leaders.

While elections were the most important items of the meeting, there were a few other things worth noting. Steve Grede did another presentation on the streetscape documentation project. When the original historic register surveys were done, only the properties were documented; now it is possible to provide historic registration of streetscapes for communities like ours. Documentation records how our public spaces are configured today (streets, curbs, streetlights, parking, signage and more) so that proposers of changes must consider the historic record. Government entities have been a threat to our historic community in the past (think Butterfield Freeway and diagonal parking). If you are willing to help with this important project, contact Steve at or 520-869-2455.

The upcoming Armory Park Christmas Party was announced. It will be held at the David And Paula Bachman-Williams home (350 E 15th St) 5:00 – 8:30 PM on December 17th. APNA will provide beverages (but not turkey or ham this year). Please bring a dish to share (entree, side or dessert). These are always fun events so please come.

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