Thanks Volunteers

Another excellent home tour is just behind us and it would not have been possible without the contribution of many neighbors. Those who opened their homes allowed their neighbors and others to see more of the historic structures that help make Armory Park so special. Volunteer docents made it possible for many of us to open our homes to visitors. Even more, the tour showcased the sense of community that makes this a wonderful place to live.

Donna and I were pleased to open our home but it would have been much more difficult without our volunteer helpers. They managed the flow and answered many questions about the house. The two of us could not have managed without their help.

All of us who conducted the tour were given free tour tickets; that is entirely appropriate in return for the effort contributed. Nevertheless, many of us would still like to contribute financially to the worthy causes APNA supports. Fortunately, that is easy. If you click on, you will be taken to a page on the APNA website where you can contribute to one of our worthy causes. Our personal favorite is Neighbors Feeding Neighbors. If you are feeling charitable, you can contribute there even if you were not able to participate in the tour.

Regardless of whether you choose to contribute money, we are grateful for the contribution of your time and effort.

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