Large Vote for Steve K.

This is good news and I expect Armory Park made a significant contribution to the outcome. Remember, Steve was not running against a primary opponent in this election. That means his supporters made the extra effort to cast their ballot for him even though he would be the Democratic candidate even with no votes. I feel most of you see what I do: Steve is the most competent and energetic member of our council. Thoughtful people will not agree on every subject but I hope we agree that Steve is good for our community and city. The next election is for score; rehire Steve as our council member.

Dear friends,

The official results from the primary are posted on the city website. If you’re relying on the mainstream media for coverage, you’d come away thinking this is a neck-and-neck race. Thanks to your tremendous support, it’s anything but that.

Your involvement in this money-free campaign resulted in a new record for a city council primary election. Over 5,500 of you voted to return me and my staff to our jobs serving Ward 6 and the city this November. The media hasn’t published that number. I believe you deserve to know.

That’s virtually the same number of people who voted for all three Ward 3 candidates in the Democratic contested primary – combined.

That total is over three times the number of votes my Republican opponent labored to get. Based on his financial reports, he spent over $7,500 to gather fewer votes than the second place finisher in the Ward 3 contested primary. Speaking of contested, the media continues to report the winner of the only contested Ward 6 primary, but fails to mention that he received a total of 55 votes. Hey, I like and respect the Green candidate, but if the media wants to place this race into proper perspective, that’s 5,500 versus 55.

We are now entering the final stretch of the campaign. There are eight weeks until the general election. Ballots will be mailed out in about a month. Despite the overwhelming numbers, I am taking nothing for granted and commit to you that I will continue reaching out and connecting with as many constituents as possible between now and election day.

Yet, you deserve to know the truth about how the primary ended. You also deserve to be thanked for the great support you have shown as I ask to be rehired for another term serving this great community.


  Steve Kozachik

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