I Support Steve Kozachik

Some time back, I decided to generally stay away from partisan politics on these pages. I still intend to do that except in local elections that have a direct bearing on Armory Park. We are in Ward 6 and Steve K is our council member. He is also one of the most thoughtful and articulate among the council members. He has a solid record of supporting neighborhoods against the many threats from government and economic interests. Consequently, I will be republishing some of his campaign items here. This is the first:

Dear friends,

During the 2013 campaign season I sent out weekly emails as a way of keeping the people informed as to positions and causes I was advocating on behalf of, and inviting them to join me in that work. I believe it’s important to begin that way of connecting with you once again.

The jobs we do at the City Council are serious business. These aren’t hobbies. They take people who will invest the time and energy to study every individual issue and policy we’re considering, and cast an informed vote every time. We craft important public policy, and we defend the values that define Tucson for what we are. Each of us running for Tucson City Council owes you the commitment that as members of the Tucson governing body the message must be Tucson First. That’s my commitment to you as this campaign season begins in earnest. And I will hold every candidate accountable for making that same commitment.

And in fairness to the voters and residents of Ward 6, it’s important you learn from the guy who just filed to run against me where he stands on issues. This photo is from his front yard in the Peter Howell neighborhood – taken during the recent presidential campaign. Note the Trump yard sign. More on that below.

Going forward I’ll make these emails topical and focused – and much briefer than my newsletters. But to kick off these campaign communications I think it’s important to lay the foundation for what the upcoming campaign season should demand of any candidate who runs – regardless of party, and regardless of which ward seat they’re pursuing.

A few examples: coming from Trump and Congress are direct challenges to our local economy, environment and cultural identity. Each of us running for Tucson City Council will either own the Trump agenda as it relates to the wall, cutting ties with our neighbors and friends in Mexico, evisceration of environmental regulations, defunding the arts, support for the needy, and community revitalization – or we will very vocally commit to fighting the Trump agenda in defense of Tucson and the values for which we stand.

Coming from the state legislature are challenges to our local sovereignty and decision making authority. Consider that during the current legislative session there have been 14 bills proposed, each of which would chip away at our Charter authority. We just finished arguing in front of the state supreme court to defend those rights. Each of us running for the Tucson City Council will either own the state agenda of attacking Home Rule, or we will commit to fighting bills that would steal our local ability to set policy consistent with our local values.

You know my consistent advocacy on behalf of the City of Tucson and you, my neighbors. If you’d like to learn how solidly my potential opponent stands behind his yard sign and party affiliation, send him an email and demand to know if it’s the Trump agenda he’s running on, or Tucson values. Ask if he’ll defend our Charter and Home Rule when challenged by the state legislature, or if he’s in their pocket. You can reach him at rodriguez4council@gmail.com.

Share this and his responses with your friends and neighbors. If he chooses to continue with a campaign for the Tucson City Council, you deserve to know whose values he intends to defend. Ours, or Trump’s.

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