The Lee-Cutler House

Lee-Cutler House, 620 South Third Street

620 S 3RDa
Photo by Ken Taylor

This is the sixth and last in the series of articles about homes highlighted in the armory park:74 ff study which formed the basis for creation of the Armory Park Historic Preservation Zone. I will be doing more pieces on Armory Park history and historic homes as I can gather information from the study and other sources.

620 S 3RD sketch
Sketch by John Cataldo


The Lee-Cutler House, dating from 1915/16, is characteristic of the Queen Anne Style. The turret at the front (a feature of the later phase of Queen Anne) is a strong exterior design element of the house and is carried to the inte­rior in the form of a semicircular bow for the living room. Irreg­ularity of massing is echoed in the complexity of roof lines. Brick walls rest on stone foun­dations and are highlighted with salmon-colored-stone belt coursing. The gable ends are filled with stucco. A classical Paladian motif occupies the south gable as an attic

Photo by Stephen Sinex

ventilator. Front and rear porches are employed in a typical fashion.

©1974 College of Architecture, University of Arizona

620 S 3RDc2
Original floor plan by Gary Carlough

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