Zócalo Magazine

Even though Donna and I have lived in Armory Park for over a year now, we discover new things about our community almost every day. The latest find is the Zócalo Zocalo Magazine - May 2017 2magazine which covers Tucson arts, culture and living. Though coverage is not restricted to the downtown area, many articles and even advertisements are of special interest to those of us who live here. Free copies of the magazine are available  at  many Tucson businesses. If you want your print copy delivered, for $15, you can subscribe at http://www.zocalomagazine.com/subscriptions/.   You can also browse current and past issues at https://issuu.com/zocalomagazine for no cost. There are 11 issues each year.

My first exposure was to the May issue (the latest). Music and other events are wellZocalo Magazine - May 2017 covered with articles also featuring Tucson’s history. I particularly liked the piece on The Old Barrio which covers not only the barrios we see today but also those destroyed in the construction of the convention center. The list of regular features covers many interesting aspects of life in Tucson.

If you want to keep up with the many exciting things happening in Tucson, Zócalo magazine can help you.


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