A Novel Menu at 47 Scott

47 Scott is the name of an excellent restaurant as well as an address. Donna and I just had a great meal there early Sunday evening. The experience began with perusal of the varied menu of novel selections. The ingredients were not particularly unusual but their combinations and the recipes were. Take a look before I go on.

47 scott dinner menu

Donna chose the Phyllo Wrapped Chicken. The juicy chicken combined with the spinach and chicken jus to make a delicious centerpiece for this offering. The smashed yukon gold potatoes and baby carrots were fine accompaniments. She was very pleased with her choice.

I selected the smoked pork dijonnaise. The combination of pork, wilted kale and long baked sweet potato wedges worked very well together. I am not a fan of raw kale in salads but cooked it added tasty greens to the plate. Not being a salt user, I found the pork to be a little too salty for my taste but that may have been only the case for this particular experience. It could have been a little more tender also. In spite of these comments, I really enjoyed my meal.

We both took advantage of the happy hour menu which offers food as well as beverages. 47 scott happy hour menuWe shared the Brussels & Bacon offered at $5. On the regular Cast Iron Sides menu it would have been $8. The sprouts were cooked slightly crisp and the bacon teamed with the sauce to make a delicious dish. The main dishes were ample so we took some of this home.

We might have walked here but with Donna’s knee bothering her, we drove. I parked on the street at 5:00 but if that isn’t possible there is a parking garage across the street.

If you would enjoy a novel menu from common ingredients, this is the place for you. Give it a try.

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