Galloway House, 630 South 3rd Avenue

This is the third in the series of articles extracted from the armory park:74 ff study which formed the basis for creation of the Armory Park Historic Preservation Zone.

When viewing the Galloway House from the exterior, it has characteristics of a modified bungalow, due primarily to its painted brick surfaces, upon closer examination, this

630 S 3RD a
Ken Taylor Photo, 2017

house, dating from about 1900, has very definite Queen Anne characteristics. The irregularity of the rooms is brought into accord on the exterior and covered with a single hip roof. The living room bay window as well as that of the dining room, and the box window of the main bedroom, all project from the brick wall surface. The entrance hall, living room, and dining room all interlock and repeat diagonal walls with corner fire­places. An overall diagonal patterning is evident within these principal rooms. A fifteen foot module is employed as a common

630 S 3rd 2 (3)
Stephen Sinex Photo, 1974

dimensioning. The present hallway is a result of later plan alterations. Previously, rooms were set “en suite,” one adjacent to the next with no transition areas afforded. The interior displays a wealth of rich woodworking, revealing typical attention given to elaborate detailing in the Victorian era.

630 S 3rd 2 (4)
Stephen Sinex Photo, 1974


Galloway House Floorplan
Gary Carlough Drawing, 1974









Copyright © 1974 College of Architecture, University of Arizona

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