Spring Cleaning Mostly Done

Spring brings warmer weather and the plants love it. Flowers, shrubs and trees are leafing out and many are blooming. the results are fun to see and enhance the attractiveness of Armory Park. There is a downside though; stop signs get obscured and the sidewalks are sometimes obstructed. Property owners/residents are supposed to maintain the areas between the property line and the curb but that doesn’t always happen. There are a variety of reasons however the work must be done to keep the streets safe and the sidewalks conveniently walkable.

As in past years, a few neighborhood volunteers stepped in to do the job. With Brush & Bulky coming to AP today. There has been a push to get the major avenues cleaned up. The last three Saturdays a small crew of volunteers has been pruning and trimming. I finished the job this morning just ahead of the B&B crew. Thanks to the other volunteers who took on the job. Here are pictures of some of your cleanup crew.

Thanks to this year’s volunteers which included Donna Taylor, Karen Olson, Martha McClements, Marty & Luis Esparza, Ruth Kibler and me. Separately, DeeDee Means (With Michael’s help) has taken on the chore of sprucing up a couple of our traffic circles. Volunteers make this a better place to live. There will be future efforts and you are invited to join in.

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