No Politics Here

Some time back I posted a poll asking whether politics should be discussed in this blog. The number of responses was quite small but the comments offered were thoughtful. I asked five questions and I will synopsize the responses.

Should discussion of politics have a place in this blog? Almost all responders said no to this though several said a political discussion in a separate site would be good. One said yes but in a separate section of this blog. Comments indicated concern that political discussions could disrupt the sense of community in Armory Park.

If politics is discussed, should the blog advocate for a certain position? The majority said no. Most wanted only subjects related to the neighborhood and seemed to be concerned again about divisiveness. One thoughtful comment: “While most of AP is probably “liberal” leaning, not everyone is. I would not be in favor of a spatially defined enclave of people who all think alike. That would be a bubble, which is part of our current problem.”

If the blog advocates for a position I would like it to align with the following: conservative, moderate, liberal, other. While most seemed to think AP is liberal leaning, even those seemed to feel that taking a position along the political spectrum would be divisive. A couple wanted a liberal position but nobody wanted a conservative alignment.

If the blog discusses politics, it should emphasize what level of government? All responders wanted any blog discussions to be about city/county politics.

What is your greatest concern regarding politics today? Responders expressed a variety of concerns. A frequent theme was concern over the polarization, anger and conflict in the current American political scene. Another was the greater prominence today of racism and religious intolerance. Public apathy and a lack of compassion in some circles were also cited.

My conclusion was that discussion of politics in this blog would not be a good idea. Poll responses confirmed my concerns that the subject would be divisive rather than helpful for the community. If I feel the need to step into the political arena, it will be on another site or in another way. My main objective for this blog is to make Armory Park a stronger community so I will stay away from distracting issues. If anything appearing here has a political flavor it will be because the matter has a direct impact on Armory Park.

Thanks for those of you who took the time to respond. I can’t thank any of you personally because the survey software provides no identity information, protecting your privacy. That is a good thing.

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