This Blog Neglected

I tend to do things in bursts. Sometimes I write a series of posts in one setting, scheduling them to be published over a number of days. This time my bursts have all related to home projects. Donna and I have spent the last two weeks insulating our attic. We are blessed IMG_2359with a very large attic space but alas, there is absolutely no insulation under the roof of our house’s original structure. We wanted insulation overhead but did not want to give up the excellent storage space (can you ever have enough storage?). Though the cellulose insulation will be blown in by a contractor, we had to build the structure to hold the insulation and wrap over the storage space. Well, we are nearly done with our part and the contractor will do his part next week. We had hope to do the job before hot weather but as you know we have had an unusually hot early Spring.

We have a few other projects underway but, thankfully, being done by others. We are having the house and guesthouse painted. The main house is mostly unpainted brick but the trim needs attention. Donna won’t let me climb ladders anymore and I have the good sense not to argue. We have been doing some landscape work and the current project is to cover the patio area with artificial turf. The last project is to install fabric awnings over the north, west and south windows. On the south and west they will have practical comfort and energy saving value. On the north, the benefit is aesthetic, adding interest to a very blank wall. Also, the awnings will draw attention from the two mid-century windows on the north and west. I hope to complete the historic review next week.

Now that our projects are under control, it’s time to get back to blog posts.

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