Board Meeting, 14 March

This meeting was informative on a number of subjects. The kickoff was a presentation on historic landscape of the Armory Park (the park, not the neighborhood) and children’s museum (former Carnegie library). This is a research project leading to a preservation plan. The researchers are seeking community input on improvements and restoration of both spaces. Board discussion centered on keeping open space, preventing changes detracting from AP’s historic character, documenting the history of both spaces and addressing parking issues related to events in the park. Armory Park is the city’s signature park; there are many well attended events staged there so parking is often a problem. More parking lots are not the best solution. Encouraging event sponsors to publish available parking options and connecting public transit could make life easier for event attendees and nearby residents. John Burr, Mark Crum and Martha McClements agreed to accept neighborhood input. Please contact any of them with your thoughts. The presenters will return for the April board meeting.

Mark Crum discussed the topic of “Resilient Neighborhoods”. If there is a city or regional disaster, our residents may be on their own for 72 hours or more. Electricity, gas, water and communications may not be available. Traffic signals could be out and service stations might not be able to pump gas. Initially, we will have to rely on ourselves to cope with the situation. Mark is especially concerned about the impact on our more vulnerable neighbors. Those living alone, the handicapped and infirm elderly might need help without the rest of us knowing it. Mark plans workshops to develop community measures and to inform our residents on the subject. Watch for announcements.

Snippets: The Downtown Clifton Hotel expansion has been approved and construction should begin soon. There will be a public meeting regarding the La Placita redevelopment at 110 E Pennington St Suite 150 on Wednesday, March 22nd, from 5 to 7 PM. There will be an APHZAB meeting next week. The home tour will be Sunday, November 12th. Grant Road north of us will be widened and will include indirect left turns as at Oracle Road. There are two related events coming up: Pre-construction Open House, March 16, (tomorrow) 5:30 – 7 PM at the Donna R.Liggins Recreation Center, 2160 North 6th Avenue (between Sahauro Street and Waverly Street). Grant Road Phase 2 Kickoff Event on March 24, 10 AM on the
south side of Grant road, between 1st and Park. The Trinity Church redevelopment in the West University neighborhood has been approved. To make future compromises between historic preservation and economic development easier, the city is considering a rule change allowing height variances in Historic Preservation Zones. In response to the threat that Flexible Lot Development rules pose to HPZs, the city is considering exempting HPZs from FLDs.

Some of these items are technical and may seem irrelevant to your life but they could have major impacts on the historic character of Armory Park. Your board and president work hard to protect the community and the results are good. If you care about historic preservation, you should follow these issues. Support your board and officers.


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