Steve’s Dining List

It’s always helpful to have a little inspiration when looking for a dining spot but when you don’t have a definite plan. Steve Dibble queried our listserv about favorite eating spots and here are his results. You’ve probably seen this already but filed here under the reviews category, it may be easier to find next time you’re hungry for something new. I’ll do reviews of some, also. Thanks, Steve, for collecting these good leads.

Dear Neighbors:

Here are the restaurants recommended by roughly 40 of you in response
to my request for same two weeks ago. Thought this compilation would
be helpful. I probably left one or two out by mistake.

These first several were mentioned multiple times:

Poca Cosa
Sensei Thai
Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails
Welcome Diner
The Cup Cafe
47 Scott
5 Points Market
Wild Garlic
Cafe a la C’Arte

And here are the rest, recommended no less enthusiastically but less frequently:

Little Poca Cosa; Kingfisher; El Minuto; Mi Nidito; Mosaic;
Elliot’s; B-Line Cafe;
Diablo Burger; Johnny Gibson’s Market; Mother Hubbard’s; Riley’s (sp?) Pizza;
Agustin Grill; La Presta for coffee; Bison Witches; Basil’s; Lindy’s;
Casa Vicente;
Obon; Cafe Desta; El Charro Steak for appetizers; La Indita;
Ermanos; Frank’s;
La Estrella Bakery.

Thanks again for your help. Happy Holidays!!


Steve Dibble
13th Street

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