More Acts of Kindness

Among my first positive impressions of Armory Park was the strong sense of community. What makes a neighborhood a community? It is the sense of connection of its residents to each other. That connection is best illustrated when a neighbor has a need and others step in to help. The following two examples gleaned from emails on our listserv illustrate what I am talking about.

The first is an example of a neighbor stepping in to gather support for another experiencing hard times. In addition to the money and food gathered for our struggling neighbor, there is the sense that others care and that you do not have to suffer alone. This last part may be as important as the more material aid.

The second is a story repeated frequently in our pet loving community. The second email thanked those who helped to round up a couple of escape artist dogs who took advantage of a security breach. I found the explanation of the security gap helpful and I could empathize with the challenge of restraining opportunistic escape artists. Donna and I had such a pooch a few years back. The image of our little dog leaping from a window opening the contractors had left open is burned into my memory. In any event, the way our AP neighbors helped and how we learned a little more about each other is another building block of a great community.


Neighbor in need: A friend who has been a good neighbor to all of us is facing a financial crisis and is in need of food and money donations.  They are too embarrassed to post on the listserv or reveal their identity, so I will be accepting anything you may have to offer on their behalf.  You can drop off whatever you may have available to me at 544 South Third Ave, and if I’m not home, you can leave money (cash, I suppose) in my mailbox in an envelope and food donations inside the front door gate which is on the NW corner of 3rd Ave and 16th Street.   Ideas for resources that I can pass along would also be helpful I’m sure.  After seven years of living in Armory Park, I know we have a wonderful community of kind-hearted folks who always come through in tough times for each other.   If you can’t donate, just sending some positive energy out into the neighborhood is good enough 🙂  

*  *  *  *  *  *
Thank you, neighbors, for your kind and generous donations in response to this post.  Donations are still being accepted (food inside the front gate; money in the mailbox) for those who still wish to reach out and help another in need.  Blessings to all!

Canine neighbors home safe: I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped find our dogs last week and then caught them, again, on Saturday morning.  I can’t express how fortunate I feel to live in a neighborhood with such kind and helpful people!  We are remodeling our kitchen and, with workers going in and out of the side gate, our dogs have been SUPER efficient at finding security breaches.  In response, of course, we are adding measures to make sure they stay safe and sound.    
In response to the comments about tags, I hear you and although I originally thought including a home address would make things easy and convenient, our vet discouraged this and we followed her lead.  I haven’t done research on my own but, apparently, inclusion of an address on the tags has contributed to some scams around home invasion.  She advised that we include our phone numbers, subscribe to a 3rd party who links lost pets to their owners by phone (Pet Finder, Dynotag, 24 hour Pets, etc.) and, of course, have them microchipped.  We have also taken it a step farther with the huskies, because they are runners, and added a GPS tracker to their collars.  The app sends notifications to our phones when they are outside the ‘homing area’ and we can track them real time. 
I understand there may be other schools of thought and am not saying that my vet has the best solution.  All the same, I thought her advice was worth sharing.  Again, thank you.  I really appreciate living in an area of Tucson that has such a strong and positive ‘community’ feel. 

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