Lots of Action at Board Meeting

The 14 February APNA board meeting was well attended and the agenda was a full one. You can see the agenda, financial report and minutes on the board website at ArmoryParkTucson.org.

Since I am now managing the APNA website, the board’s adoption of my proposals was most interesting to me. It’s now clear that the site is the voice of the board and those it chooses to allow. It is targeted at Armory Park residents and stakeholders; others who may access it are incidental. In the interest of simplicity and easier management, rehosting the site was approved. The board and its designees will provide content. For those few who want to see the details of the email I sent board members, click here: meeting-20170214

New Board member, DeeDee Means is taking on the task of refreshing the landscaping of the two traffic circles on 4th Avenue. Since we live on 4th, Donna and I were pleased to hear the news. DeeDee may be asking for help. If so, please pitch in. Martha McClements will also be gathering neighbors to clean up some of our public areas which have become seriously overgrown. Watch for her announcements too.

Lead paint in our old houses is a hazard to young children. Even though we have few small ones in the ‘hood, information on reducing the hazard will be posted on the website.

The ground-rules regarding the preservation of historic neighborhoods seem to be changing rapidly. The West University Neighborhood has just experienced the removal of the Trinity Church property from their Historic Preservation Zone. That is allowing construction of a four story building on the corner of University Blvd and 4th Avenue in the center of their zone. Long discussions with the residents there have made the building more acceptable to them but the precedent is likely to impact other HPZs. Another possible threat might come from the application of Flexible Lot Development. This new provision of the city development code may allow bypassing of the normal historic zone restrictions so that large commercial buildings would be allowed. The motivation of city government to enhance economic development will put pressure on city officials to place economics above historical values. You will see much more about this on both this site and the APNA site.

The 14th of March will be a general meeting and all residents are encouraged to attend. As usual, it will be in the St. Andrews Parish Hall at 7:00 PM. There should be much more information to share with our residents.

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