New Contributor

Our neighbor, Karen Olson, has decided to become a contributor to this blog. She will post on items of interest to her which will contribute to our community. Her optimistic view of Armory Park is similar to mine but her perspective and writing style are quite different. She will add a different flavor to the blog. You may recognize her name associated with the Caritas Healing Center at the corner of 16th Street and Railroad Avenue. She has had varied life experiences and moved from a suburban ranch zone in west Tucson to our urban venue. If you want to know more about her, go to her short biography on the About page.

While I was out of town, Karen attended the December APHZAB meeting. Her notes along with the official meeting record on the city website were the basis for my previous post. She will soon post an article in response to the recent meeting, with reference to her own personal experience upon arriving in the neighborhood almost ten years ago.  Her original experiences, revisited with new insights and appreciations, give a unique flavor to the challenges and the pleasures of living in a historic zone.

She can be contacted at I welcome and appreciate her participation. I welcome yours, as well, and if you would like to be either a regular or occasional contributor, please contact me at

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