We Love Armory Park

Last night Donna and I joined a large number of our AP neighbors at another wonderful annual Armory Park holiday party. As usual APNA furnished the beverages plus the main menu items of turkey and ham. The neighbors brought snacks, side dishes and desserts. We sat at a table on the side porch and enjoyed stimulating conversation while savoring the meal. The conversation covered many subject but finally got around to discussing what we could do to improve and maintain the appearance of our public areas, streets and sidewalks.

Donna and I pick up trash while walking our little dog Lulu, collecting two to four grocery sacks on each outing. That helps with the messiness of litter but does not address the entire problem. Many stretches of sidewalk are obstructed by excessive shrubs and weeds narrowing the pathway. Property owners or renters are responsible for maintaining the area between the fence and curb but that is often neglected. In the past, groups of residents have gathered to trim vegetation so that stop signs are visible and pathways are unobstructed. We concluded that it’s time to to re-energize that effort.

Not long ago I floated the idea of an informal group of volunteers to take on some neighborhood projects. I tentatively called the group the A-Parkers. The name is not important but the concept is. It would be mostly a contact list of folks willing to invest a little effort into improving our community. There  would be no treasury or regular meetings, only projects. Project leaders will plan worthwhile efforts and recruit participants via the A-Parker contact list. Projects will be planned so that only a couple of hours work on a Saturday morning would be needed. Tools and supplies will not be a problem since the Tucson Clean and Beautiful non-profit organization will supply them.

The last time I mentioned this concept, the response was disappointing. Our dinner companions felt that more persistence and regular repetition of the message would bring out volunteers. I was inspired by the enthusiasm of our table-mates to make another effort, but more energetic this time. Putting your name on the contact list can happen now but projects will be planned and announce after the first of the year

The setting for our holiday gathering was the home of David and Paula Bachman-Williams. Though their house fits in beautifully with the antique houses of our community, it was actually built in 1991. The more modern construction is only evident in the up to date floor plan which made our large gathering very comfortable. Most of us were inside because the night was cool but the yard has many attractive sitting areas amid the well groomed plantings and along a wandering brick pathway. Thanks to David and Paula for the effort they took to give us such an excellent venue for the gathering.

Armory Park is an easy place to love with such fine residents as our dinner companions and hosts. I doubt many other neighborhoods have such events and such a charming historic community in which to hold them. Yes, we do love Armory Park.

Ken Taylor blog@kmtaylor.com

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