APHZAB & APNA Elections & Meeting

Last night elections were held for the boards of the two organizations important to the welfare of our neighborhood. The Historic Advisory Board had only one vacancy caused by term expiration for Jack McLain, that board’s president. He was willing to run again and no others were nominated so Jack was reelected by acclamation.

Elections were also held for the Neighborhood Association Board and officers. Complete results will be published soon but these are the choices I noted: Anne Cooper who had been filling a board vacancy by appointment will now serve as Vice-President and is in line for the presidency in 2018. John Burr agreed to serve another year as president to facilitate a smooth transition to Anne and the members validated that move. Mark Crum and Nadine Rund agreed to continue their long service and were reelected to the board. There will be one drop of new blood on the board as Dee Dee Means was elected to her first term on the board. My poor notes failed to capture the election of our secretary and treasurer.

The owner of the Downtown Clifton Hotel, Moniqua Lane (an AP resident), informed our group of changes coming to this neighborhood boutique hotel. Coming soon on the lot just south of the current small hotel will be an addition bringing it up to 30 rooms. A small bar will serve hotel guests and neighbors as well as a small food counter (think Mercado at Menlo Park) and a swimming pool 🙂. Some concern was expressed about vehicle access to Russell Avenue and possible resulting disturbance to nearby neighbors. The project is early in the permitting process so there will be further opportunities for people to express their concerns and for the developers to address them. Soon, I will do an article about the hotel and its owner. Both are assets to our community.

Our TPD update was delivered by Sgt. Allen. He has done an analysis of significant events in the Armory Park area and the good news is that statistics show no undesirable trends and compare favorably with other Tucson Neighborhoods. Responding to questions, he said that while total numbers of TPD officers has decreased over the last decade and elimination of the Downtown Division dedicates fewer officers to our area, reassignment of more officers from other duties to patrol has partially mitigated the situation. Neighbor concerns with troublesome individuals was discussed. While there is no easy answer for homeless, chemical dependent or mentally unstable individuals, direct communications with the problem persons should be the first choice when that is practical. Frequent police reports and keeping a diary of problem situations will form a basis for prosecution if things get to that point. We should do whatever we can to improve our enjoyment of our surroundings but I remember that when I moved near to the city center, I knew some challenges would come with the benefits.

Anne Cooper is beginning the planning process for another AP home tour to happen in November 2017. Open homes and volunteers are needed to get the effort off to a good start.

The sidewalk improvement effort is about to get underway. Each of us is responsible to keep the sidewalks in front of our residences in good condition. None of us wants to be found financially liable for a pedestrian’s injuries. For a very reasonable cost of $100 per sidewalk square, you can have bad places on your walk replaced. Arranging your own contractor would be much more expensive. Donations are also wanted to help repair walks where the property owner is unable to afford repairs. In either case, mail your check to PO Box 2132, Tucson, AZ 85702. For repair requests, include the address and a description of the repair work (number of squares, etc.). Photos might be useful too. Email John Burr at jodabu@hotmail.com with your questions.

The APNA holiday party will be held on December 10th at the home of David and Paula Bachman-Williams home (333 E 16th Street), 6-9 PM. APNA will provide the main dish (ham, turkey, ?) and “we others” will provide the usual delicious accompaniments. My first experience of this AP phenomenon was last year and I really look forward to this year’s event.

Keeping the neighborhood presentable is important to me and two contributing events were announced. Dumpsters will be placed at convenient spots around the community to facilitate cleanup from fall leaves and other waste. Locations will be: 16th Street just west of 6th Avenue, 5th Avenue just south of 18th Street, 17th Street just west of 3rd Avenue and 3rd Avenue just north of 13th Street. This is your chance to clean your yard or house without paying to have the waste hauled away. The dumpsters will be in place on November 30th. On the 29th, a number of us will gather for a cleanup operation in cooperation with the Sky Island Alliance, another AP resident organization. Answer Martha’s post on the listserv or just show up at 4th Avenue and 14th street 3-5 PM.

John plans to emphasize improved communications in 2017. A key to this will be getting more people signed up on the listserv. I am trying to help also with this blog. Keeping people informed and involved is an important way to foster a sense of community. Please join in; it will make AP a better place to live.

The APNA general meeting was very informative and a great way to meet other interesting neighbors. I hope to see more of you at the next one.

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