A Fun Day Around the Neighborhood

Donna and I just settled in after a great day enjoying activities near our neighborhood. First we walked to the craft market at the Tucson Museum of Art. We began with a great lunch at Cafe a la C’art at the museum. We both ordered the Cuban Sandwich which was quite tasty. She had the crispy fries as a side and I had the side salad with a flavorful vinaigrette dressing. We arrived by 11:30 but the place was rapidly filling up. The ordering line passes a display case with wonderful looking pies and other treats to test your willpower. The cafe also had a table of pastries and other take-away fare in the museum lobby. If you go tomorrow or Sunday, you needn’t go hungry.

We decided to finish our day’s dining at Johnny Gibson’s market. Each Friday they offer a Fish and Chips special and that is what we both ordered. It comes with fries and coleslaw. We both enjoyed our meals and will do it again from time to time. The deli case has many other ready to eat or ready to heat items ranging from meatballs to lasagna or tamales. Whatever your choice, you can enjoy it with one of a large variety of craft beers. If an entree salad is more to your liking, you can build one from the most comprehensive salad bar I have seen in Tucson. If you haven’t yet tried Johnny’s for dining or grocery shopping, you should soon.

After walking nearly five miles, perusing a huge variety of crafts and enjoying two fine meals, we are both glad to put our feet up. We’re tired but is is a good kind of tired. We can now rest while reflecting on the wonderful place where we live.


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