5 Points Market & Restaurant

This interesting dining spot is located at the intersection of Stone and 6th Avenue. You will first notice the entrance patio which is a great spot when not too hot or cold. Spring or Fall mild weather makes this a good choice. Even in  the warmer months, early dining is a pleasure here. We choose it often because our small dog, Lulu, is welcome here. There are many more tables inside for those times when outdoors dining doesn’t appeal. The interior gets a little noisy because of the hard surfaces and animated conversations of other diners. Hours are 7:00 ’til 3:00 daily with lunch starting at 11:00. Breakfast is served at all times. Prices are moderate in line with other downtown establishments.

Dog friendly patio dining. Umbrellas shield from the sun

The Menus are interesting and the items we have sampled have been tasty. For lunch, Donna had the Pork Torta and enjoyed it very much. My Ham & Camembert sandwich 5 points lunch menuwas excellent though the combination of cheese and ham made it a little salty for this low salt diner. Both sandwiches were on very nice toasted breads.

We have tried more items from the breakfast menu. The giant pancake is very large but they do have a smaller size for the smaller appetite. The Smoked Salmon Benedict is an interesting variation on the classic favorite. They also sell the canned salmon on the deli shelves. My favorite is the Bandito Blanco with a delicious combination of poached eggs, potato and ham under a wonderful mornay sauce. The Eggleston Sandwich is also an excellent choice but if you want to eat it in normal 5 points brunch menusandwich fashion, ask to have the eggs cooked firm. I ate my soft yolked version with knife and fork. If you want one of the delicious scones baked daily, arrive early; they run out quickly. Each day is a different flavor.


The blackboard has regular and daily specials. I wanted to try the Gumbo but it was all gone before I ordered.

Deli: small but interesting items.

The deli doesn’t have a huge selection but what they do have is top quality. the smoked salmon is wild Alaskan sockeye canned by an Alaskan couple who now winter in Tucson.

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